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Digital Solutions using emerging technologies

30. čvn 2021 06:57 #1 od AbrahamInend
Digital Solutions using emerging technologies vytvořil uživatel AbrahamInend
Hello - Greetings,

Be Aware of Scammers
Always Place Order Through Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you Place the Links ?
Answer - We will Place links On the Sites Like YouTube, Slide share, Scribd, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Flickr and Many More.
Tier 1 Links
Tier 2 Links

Can i see the Content before publish?
Answer - Yes of course.
Firstly We create the content. The content type we create includes the following:
Articles - We Create 400-500+ word article optimized for your choice of keywords
Photo Sharing - Create Images that are suitable for your chosen niche
Info-graphics - create Info graphics with PickToChart
PowerPoint and Doc sharing - Create PowerPoint Slides And PDF documents to create links on document sharing sites
Pod Casts - Create a Post-cast with test to speech software to create links on spoken word sites
Video Creation - Create Video with the help of Animoto or Camtasia for use on YouTube among-st others.
We send the Content Creation Report to the Client. Once Client Approved the Content, We use the content for Link building.

May I See the Sample Report ?
Answer - Yes of course. Let us know in the thread

Can You Work NON English sites?
Answer - Yes of-course. We are doing Multilingual SEO Since 2012. Thanks to, “Magnus”, Our client. We are doing SEO for NON English sites like Germany, Swedish, Italian, and many more.

What’s your Refund policy?
Answer - We DO honor requests for the refund on the following reasons:
Non-delivery of the product
Major defects
Services is not-as-described

Important :-
In the unlikely event of a refund being necessary we will remove all our back Links to enable new SEO services to be undertaken from a clean slate via any other company that you appoint.
email: Shalabh.mishra @
Note:- Please share your requirement with us.

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